• The honeycomb cardboard furnishings are resistant and durable?

Yes, the structure of the selected honeycomb cardboard sheets gives our furniture excellent resistance, comparable to that of traditional furniture. Our furnishings are meant for indoor use and designed to be long-lasting: they are subject to wear as any other item, but they are particularly sensitive to humidity.

  • What happens if they get wet?

If they come in contact with liquids in large quantities the honeycomb cardboard furnishings lose their peculiar resistance. They might undergo a special waterproofing treatment, but this would compromise their feature of ecological product. That’s why Origami Furniture preferred not to use any waterproofing paint and leave the cardboard "natural".

  • Why the honeycomb cardboard furnishings are "environmentally friendly"?

Because the honeycomb cardboard used – produced mainly with cellulosic material recycling – is fully recyclable: at the end of the life cycle of the item of furniture it will become, instead of waste, a resource that allows to reduce the consumption of raw materials.

  • How cardboard furnishings shall be cleaned?

For their usual cleaning we recommend using a soft and dry cloth or the vacuum cleaner.

  • Can I disassemble and reassemble the furnishings by myself?

Our furnishings are not provided in "assembly kit", but already fully assembled because - for their particular design - the assembly phase requires specific technical skills. Therefore they are not designed to be disassembled and reassembled by their end user. An exception is our stand GOTHIK: this modular stand for trade fairs can be easily mounted thanks to a series of simple joints, without the use of screws or glue. The whole stand can then be repeatedly assembled and disassembled.

  •  Can I have custom-tailored honeycomb cardboard furniture and/or exhibition stands?

For any special need please contact us for a quotation request: our technical team - with the collaboration of renowned designers - offers its expertise to evaluate together feasibility and costs of dedicated projects.

  • Is it possible to customize your products with graphics or a company logo?

Only a selection of Origami Furniture items is suitable to be customized. In particular, we can customize with your favorite graphics the stand Gothìk and all the furnishing elements of the Snake collection. Do not hesitate to ask us for a quotation.

  • Where are your cardboards furnishings manufactured?

All Origami Furniture products are conceived, designed and manufactured entirely in Italy. Production takes place at our headquarters in Albano Sant'Alessandro (Bergamo - Italy).

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